Southern Drawl


The Kitchen Window

  Window shopping can be more than just browsing in shop windows for the latest and greatest………   The Kitchen Window is a special part of the heartbeat in your home.   What makes this particular window in the house so special?             The Kitchen is the heart of the home and those windows speak to the real character of your interiors!  Can’t you just visualize the complete picture?          We spend a lot of time at the Kitchen sink; it needs to be a very pleasant spot, with a nice view! Let the […]

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A Perspective of Spring

  It’s the 1st day of SPRING!    Let’s start celebrating with the Top 5 Needs for “Porch Love’ at your home by rolling out the Welcome Door Mat!       (Carolyn Roehm knows how to add love to a porch…. Classic!)   …..and perhaps making it a little more special for you and your guests may be a personal favorite on the introduction of Spring and the prelude to Summer!     Comfortable pieces of furniture for “sitting a spell”, entertaining, and relaxing. Conversation areas depend on your space.             Color – definitely […]

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Do you have a Kitchen Sink Dilemma?

    Everyone has a favorite “look”……         Right?    Do you know what your Kitchen, and specifically your Kitchen Sink would be if you had the opportunity to make that change for the better?         “Personal details are important. How many times have you seen a gorgeous house in a shelter magazine that looks absolutely soulless? Everything’s right but it’s really not. That’s because everything matches perfectly and the designer didn’t incorporate the client’s personal style–or any of those messy real things that people acquire.”  Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa           But […]

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Wishing for Spring!

I like this quote.       I am so ready for some warm sunshine on my face and a Spring to my step!  I bid February goodbye and don’t let the screen door slam your backside on your way out!!!   Let’s put a positive spin on these chilly days and dote on some Springtime Inspirations and reminders!         Daffodils blooming are a good introduction to Spring.       Ours are popping up but waiting on permission from Mother Nature to burst into bloom. And yes, this translates into the first signs being just around […]

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Get the Real Dirt Here

Do you ever get your Laundry completely done before it stacks up again? I don’t.  I will get just about through several loads and then someone deposits dirty laundry in the bag!  I never catch up and therefore I spend a lot of time with the Laundry Room.  I have mine decorated with special touches on the wall – even pictures of children’s artwork that I’ve framed.   It makes me happy….             Here’s my list for the best Laundry Room!   I want it Nice, Pleasant, Enjoyable! (if I’ve got to work in there, […]

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Fish or Cut Bait

  Fish or Cut Bait!  Have you ever heard that phrase?  I’m sure it’s a Southern thing, that basically means – get off the fence and make a decision.  My husband brought that to my attention many, many years ago (along with quite a few others), because his mom used these phrases a lot.       Joanie (my mother in law) and her spunky personality always rang out in conversation with these phrases that made you stop and think and sometimes just laugh out loud right then and there.  She would say “I’m as nervous as a cat in […]

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From the Heart……

When I think about February, I always think about Valentines Day, Love and Heart Moments……   Where does your heart take you?         You know, it’s no secret that I LOVE red!  But, heart moments come in many colors, thoughts, shapes and sizes and for Valentines Day, let’s give them a look-see……   Just a few thoughts…..     Dressing for a romantic dinner for two?         Why not?             (This is one of my favorite color combinations with the reds and turquoise…. ) I wouldn’t mind sipping on this colorful cocktail […]

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Colorful Design Inspirations

I don’t know about you, but with these dreary days of Winter… have to find the possibilities to add punch to your interiors!    Look at the possibilities with a cold dreary day right here, if you really give it a 2nd look!       I LOVE these Design Seeds and the opportunities!   Are you ready for a splash of color in a major way?  Check out this design inspiration!               Or maybe even this?               Maybe you would like a glimpse at very calm, soft […]

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Trashy Ideas!

Hiding the trash?  Or airing it out in public?   Everyone has an idea of how they want to deal with garbage – in the Kitchen,  Laundry,  or any interior space….. Are you thinking smart about your trash receptacles?     You can be clever, but don’t over-think it!  Think about your needs and how do you address them?   Make it convenient for you.  Trash and recycle needs to be thought out for your personal needs and spaces.                     And don’t you love the idea of keeping the trash bags handy?  […]

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I’ve ‘Gone Fishin’ for Some Ideas

There’s just something a little magical about that mind-set of “fishin” for the guys in my family……                         With David’s love for fishing, he passed it along to all of his sons – some with a bit more passion for this past time than others……. But Noah got a double dose!  It started when he was barely old enough to hold the fishing pole…..and it’s grown into a major passion for him.  And of course, David loves having a fishing partner.   Here’s just a little highlight of some […]

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