A Kitchen Journey….

We first started talking about this Kitchen renovation in April, but really got serious during the Summer with plans on the calendar.  With my clients’ active schedule, and travel plans set, we needed to find the perfect place on the calendar.

The project starts with a consultation (or several), and lots of  information sharing to get perspective of the project.  Sometimes, it’s just a few finishes, or replacement of a few pieces, but there are times that it’s much, much more.  That’s why the consultation is so important – the scope of the project is a major integral piece of the plan.

And with this particular project, we literally gutted the Kitchen, moved some appliances around in the design for better work and task areas, added special features and gave this room a major new look!  And of course, there were many decisions on specifications to be made as part of the process.

It turned out beautifully, and I thought sharing the journey would be fun and interesting for you to see, because we documented the process quite well!



We used the same footprint of the room (in other words, no walls were taken out and no space was extended), but changed locations of key functions in the room, to be more functional.  We took the existing cabinetry and appliances out  –  back to the dry wall.

New plumbing, new lighting and electrical additions start with the “rough-in” with the design plan to lay the ground work for the work that follows.

Light yet awesome quartz counter tops were the icing on the cake with these beautifully stained cabinets and fabulous finishes!  And the imported subway tile made everything work together with the ambience we were looking for…. Agree?



Updated appliances and features really add to the aesthetic qualities as well as the function of this fabulous “new Kitchen”.  And we changed the direction of the island, to be more functional, and make the space even  bigger, visually!   I wish you could see the “cabinet and drawer interiors” and all of the fabulous secret details, not captured in the pictures!

New lighting, new sink, display space, and faucets also added to the interior visual space!  This was a fun journey, for sure to see the before and afters that we documented here with pictures.
















My clients, Crystal and Martin, are very happy to be finished and using their new Kitchen with great results and enjoying cooking with their goals in mind.  Their Kitchen went from dreams and goals to their reality!

Beautiful and Functional Kitchen design = Happy Clients!   And I’m happy to share with you here.













Of course, not all Kitchen designs are the same.  Custom designs make your Kitchen Dream a reality and don’t look like the “cookie cutter” mentality that you see everywhere, without your personal goals included!

Are you interested in a Kitchen renovation with a fabulous design plan?  I look forward to hearing from you!  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com

or 404 483 4174.

Many inspirations can be found on my Pinterest boards, The Kitchen SinkFaucets for the Kitchen,  Island Time for Kitchens.   Just know there’s more involved than what you see on “reality TV”, so be prepared for the journey…..


A Kitchen Journey….
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