A Simple Thank You Lesson….

A Simple Thank You Lesson….


The art of writing a THANK YOU note is dying.    I say we revive it!  It’s an important tool for personal and business relationships!



Have you sent an expensive wedding gift and never received a proper thank you note?  Or even received a very nice gift from a friend or a client and didn’t reply with a thank you note?  Did you send a thank you note following that incredible interview opportunity?


Well, let’s step it up and learn HOW to write a proper thank you note!


  1. Buy some note paper or cards that reflect your personality or maybe even your “brand”. It’s easy to find some patterns that you like, or create cards with your craft supplies , or perhaps personalize!  Now, there’s a thought!!  And use a good pen, and write legibly. Yes, write it in your handwriting!


(As you can see, I’m ready for any occasion and this is not all that I have!)


  1. Start with a friendly greeting….and reference the item early in your note. For example,

Hello Miss Patsy,

Thank you so much for the beautiful Spring Bouquet!  Not only is the vase filled with my favorite flowers, the wonderful aroma fills the room and certainly is a colorful reminder of You!


















With an easy click, HERE,  you can buy great note cards, too!”


  1. “Connect the dots” with something that’s personal to the recipient of the thank you note, to let them know that you appreciate the gift and/or the thought. Put your personality into the comments and DO NOT be generic.  Put your heart into the message…..and don’t just use some cliché comments that are over-used.


For example,

…. You are such a sweetheart to remember my birthday with such a wonderful surprise delivery today.  I want you to know how much I love and appreciate your thoughtfulness on my special day!



… You ROCK! I never could have imagined that a scrumptious casserole, prepared with your loving hands and talented gift for cooking could take my day from blah to the best ever!  I’m smiling all over with such a special act of kindness!


~ Helpful hint:  If you need help with thoughts and phrasing, go to a greeting card store or website for some helpful words….but DON’T COPY!  IT is so much more special coming from your heart!








  1. Sign it off with the perfect closing….That could be as simple as Blessings, With Appreciation, Love, All my Best…..find what you are comfortable with for your closing words.


  1. Remember to write and mail your note promptly! Etiquette suggests that you are very prompt with your thank you note and while it’s very fresh on your mind.  Your note will sound more timely too.  AND NEVER send an email instead of a handwritten mailed (or hand delivered) note.  Email is very impersonal.  You want to make an impression.  Remember?



  1. NOW, after you walk through this exercise, teach your children this special art of thoughtfulness and appreciation. It may get you (or them) a job, a special notice, a smile, gratitude with rewards and much much more – and for God’s sakes, it’s GOOD MANNERS!





~Helpful hint…. If you are really wanting to take it up a notch, add custom return address labels, and themed stamp.  Please take the time to handwrite and address.  It shows that you “took time” to appropriately write a proper thank you!


Lesson learned for some thought note writing?  Now, practice the art and send someone a card or note thanking them for something that you received.  It may make your day as well as theirs.  Just sayin’.


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A Simple Thank You Lesson….
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