A Southern Trend Gets Traction

Have you ever heard of “Haint Blue”?


Well, it’s the “nicknamed color” for the ceiling paint on a Southern porch and appropriately named to keep evil spirits away.  It dates back with generation after generation passing this tradition and in the Charleston area in particular, it has historical significance…..




And it goes Coast to Coast?


Yes, the idea of painting the porch ceiling an appropriate color blue is spreading to other areas of the country, not just in the South!  Of course, the color blue selection depends on the area of the country, too.  There are many to choose from to fit your exterior colors.


Why paint the porch ceiling the color of the sky?


Many say that it “fools” insects into believing that it’s the sky and these pesky insects should move onto other areas to nest; therefore, this idea and process makes it a more of an insect free area for porch “sitting” for all of us.    I like that!


According to Sherwin Williams,

When blue paints were first used on ceilings, they were usually milk paints, and those paints often had lye mixed into the composition. Lye is a known insect repellent, which would explain why insects would avoid nesting on a painted porch ceiling or ledge. As milk paint has a tendency to fade over time, giving it a rustic look, people would usually need to repaint their home every year or few years, covering the existing coat with a new coat of paint, and fresh lye.

But many still theorize that insects prefer not to nest on blue ceilings because they are “fooled” into thinking the blue paint is actually the sky.


Which blue works best for you?  As you know, the sky can be many shades of blue…














Porch Sitting has also gained traction in many areas of the country,
in the appropriate seasons.   I have to say, I do LOVE my porches! 


Do you have a “haint blue” ceiling on your porch?


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A Southern Trend Gets Traction
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