A Stairway to Heaven

Stairways and staircases can be mediocre, with their function,
or they can be just fabulous and a major focal point!


I refer to my Pinterest board as “Stairway to Heaven” because most of the lovely
thoughts of grand staircases are headed North.  With that popular song from
Led Zepplin, back in the day,  we still have people chiming in with numerous
interpretations that abound from this song and lyrics. 


It just hit me….what a great name for this Pinterest board!


Recently, I was on a staging job at a home in the Dunwoody area.
The landscaping in the back and side yard were beautiful off of a side porch –
and yet there were these landscaped steps that led to “no-where”. 


The seller even referred to them as a Stairway to Heaven….. 


My response was, “if this is the stairway to heaven then
we need to create a heavenly spot in this fabulously landscaped
area with a beautiful bench.”  It’s a destination!   Let’s use it to our advantage…


Here are some great Staircases….. that I’m sure lead to more fabulous destinations!   


     from decordesignreview.tumblr.com



    from hausofhinton.blogspot.com




     from ScrubsandPearls.tumblr.com



  from Michelle Jennings Wiebe


   from interiordesignmusings.blogspot.com



    from Architectural Digest


And the secret to these beautiful staircases are the architectural
details and many design elements around them…..that create the character
for each individual interior.   Enjoy the inspirations….


If you are re-modeling or re-designing a space in your home, or building a home,
and need help making many critical decisions, get in touch  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com.
I bring a great team to the project to make your house, your home.

A Stairway to Heaven
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