Why hire an interior designer?

Hiring an expert is an investment. It’s a strategy that pays short- and long-term dividends. An experienced designer like Cumby Hammock-Cobb will help you consider many factors that you may not have considered that can save you time, money, and much stress. Here’s what a client had to say about the investment:

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“As a real estate professional, it was refreshing working with a designer who created a design plan that considered our immediate needs for a beautiful, workable space, AND long-term goals of selling our property. Cumby knew what design changes would maximize profits in a future resale and those that might best be left for a future owner.” — Kathy

What can I expect in a custom design consult?

Cumby will meet with you in your home to hear what you’re looking for. She’ll get to know a little about your personality and how you and your family use your home. It’s a very relaxed process where you can focus priorities and dream about possibilities. In the get-to-know-you session you can discuss likes and dislikes, goals, and a budget.

On a walk-through of your home, you can talk about:

  •     concerns
  •     what works and doesn’t “work”
  •     functionality
  •     design ideas
  •     problem solving

It’s the first step of a strategic plan to help you get moving on your project!

How does the Simplify and Downsize service work?

Details-Holly-Hess-Photo-1Cumby’s Interiors can simplify the task of downsizing your home, whether you are moving, or are rethinking your current home. Choose to turn over tasks completely or have a team to assist you. Each detail from sorting the first closet to hanging the last picture –and all that’s in between. It starts with a client/designer meeting to plan, and ends when you are satisfied with the results. It can mean turning over packing and scheduling movers to having the window treatments in place for you. You decide how little or much assistance you’d like.

Who is helped by Transition Home?

Details-Photo-34Most immediately, older, mobility-impaired clients who are looking to downsize to senior independent living or to an assisted living apartment can benefit greatly from Cumby’s expertise. So can their adult children, as Cumby can buffer some of the emotional stress common in transitions.

But anyone building or remodeling would be savvy to consider the state-of-the art innovations of Transition or Universal Design — even if mobility issues may be years away. There are simple things you can do to plan for independence down the road — and enhance the resale value of your home. Learn more about Transition Home.