Are You True to Blue?


Recently, I am discovering more and more that I am very attracted
to the BLUES….and hues.  How about you?


Softer blues (as well as richer blues) are a “hot color” right now for interiors….
in paint colors, wallpaper, artwork, fabrics, furniture, and accessories.

and especially with coastal living with the colors of the sea in mind….


  1. We are searching for calmness in our lives and less chaos….the soft blues give us that feeling in our interiors….
  2. It’s a beautiful color to work with (done correctly), coordinating with many other colors very nicely, from chocolates to grays to yellows and raspberries…
  3. With ceilings becoming more of the 5th wall in a room, it’s a great place to use a soft blue, if it coordinates in your color scheme….Hey, the sky is blue, why not your ceiling?  And using the Haint Blue on your porch ceiling is certainly a plus!
  4. It’s a great “neutral” in many respects with your color scheme too, but be careful in the color selections to not turn your ceiling color or your paint color on the wall into a “swimming pool” blue!
  5. It’s a “cool” color that can give you a “warm” feeling….

I am using the BLUES more and more with my clients and their interiors in different ways.
Guess what?  I’m actually using a turquoise blue fabric, with rich color
combinations in my Master Bedroom too!



   from HomePortfolio

And WHO doesn’t like the timeless treasures of Blue and White?


   from elegant-dé


Add in a little different of blue, so that you almost want to say “it’s green!”
Have you ever used the paint color Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams?
It turns blue in some light, and then green in others…..  LOVE using that paint color!

   from Kelly Bernier Designs

Even the ocean changes colors, with different light!


So…..are you true to your Blue? If you want a beautiful blue

with- out all the “baggage”, get in touch for a color consultation!


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Are You True to Blue?
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