Bang for Your Buck!

It’s a phrase that I use a lot with my clients….. because it’s so appropriate when working through designing your home.  You don’t have to do replace or remodel everything (like HGTV stars would like you to believe) to get a lot of impact in your home!


So here are my top 5 ways to get a lot of Bang for your Buck with great visuals – some from my portfolio of client’s homes!


  1. Maybe you should change your paint color!









It’s amazing what a paint color can do for an interior, as an update and for creating the right ambiance.  The “golden neutral” warmed up the room with hospitality, beautifully!


AND YES, despite what you see as the “go to” with Kitchen renovations, you can simply change the paint color with cabinets too, if they have good design and are workable in the Kitchen plan successfully!  Most of the time, I add a finish to the new paint, for the update….



  1. Visually create space. Open up an interior without moving walls, by using the right furniture arrangement, with function and design opportunities.



These 2 rooms are painted the same color, and the furniture is all tied in together, to create more of 2 furniture arrangements instead of 2 different rooms. 


The 4 chairs are swivel, all in the same fabric (yet different styles, if you look closely), and can be versatile to watch TV and enjoy the fireplace, or create individual conversation areas.  I LOVE the idea of using 4 chairs in a conversation area!


  1. Character doorways with significant impact, that is also tasteful (of course).  And make your entrance welcoming, as well.



Sometimes that front door needs a little updating to create a statement for curb appeal and design appeal!  Maybe it’s paint…..or adding a new style front door, or maybe it’s the porch that includes the entry, or the walkway that need attention….. plantings or enhanced details work!    Design, color and texture also add appeal to your entrance – a lot of Bang for your Buck!   Remember?





…. and maybe you need to add a porch, accentuate architectural details, and possibly update your lighting!  There are many good design solutions for you, including fabulous hardware that makes a statement too!


  1. A change of scenery! So, maybe it’s just changing up something within your interior to get some much needed attention!   Or many somethings – Accessorize!



I have a client that needs new custom bed-coverings to update her beautiful Master Bedroom!   It’s not as easy as it sounds, when you are “plugging in” several fabrics when there are already others in the room….  I found several delightful combinations that are in the works, as we speak!  It will be just beautiful and such a change of scenery for her to enjoy!    I can’t wait to share the before and after with you!


Maybe in your case, it’s fabulous artwork to replace tired and faded pieces from the past that you’ve grown old with.  I love to accessorize with new and special pieces! 


   from my Pinterest board, Cozy Fireplaces



A rug perhaps is the answer to change the look of your flooring!   Or a new mirror to change up the “scenery” and enhance the strong points!


THIS mirror rocks!  (pun intended) and I know it’s a winter time shot, but I can just imagine the impact this mirror has on this room! And I only recommend a mirror over the fireplace if it reflects more than just another wall or a ceiling fan….it has to be impactful from a reflective point of view, too.  OR if it’s more architectural…..then it also works.


And another impactful Venetian mirror (and look back at the one over the sofa, in the first share in the paint comments!)  with a mirrored chest, that makes a statement with this Fabulous Foyer ~





Funny, but true story!  I was working with a major remodel, with tearing out walls, changing paint colors, taking down wallpaper, changing flooring, but the furniture and chandeliers remained the same.  She got more compliments on those chandeliers, and they didn’t change…..the scenery did!  And that brings us to lighting….


  1. Lighting is a key to all of the above! The best choices and designs for your lighting affects all of the above and most importantly your home all over – the paint color,  visual space, doorways, the scenery – as well as safety, security, and tasks (reading, cooking, relaxing, etc).  The lighting is also influenced by the light bulb itself and what kind of light it emits (warm and cool lighting) in your interiors and exteriors.  Be careful with your choices…..because they impact function and design.  New lighting can include overhead, wall or table lighting!




Ok, I lied.  (HA!) I have to include one more!!!


  1. Window Treatments really make an impact! More and more, window treatments are becoming more of a priority with interiors…..whether it’s for privacy or enhancing the room.  There’s something about the beauty of the fabrics, the softening of the architectural details, and pulling it all together in a nice package for the overall look!  And many rooms are only complete, when you add the window treatments – it’s like framing your pictures!   I’ve designed so many window treatments and fallen in love with lovely fabrics over the years but I never tire of them…..or the fabrics! 




I have to say that all 5, I mean 6, of these areas, and really many more, carry a lot of weight with choices in your home and with you.  There are others, believe me!   But, that’s what a good interior designer can do for you!  I can help you prioritize what to tackle first –  I have the design expertise to make those changes or additions and it works with the greatest of detail and satisfaction.  And I have wonderful resources to make it happen.   And we are all happy… and the compliments from your guests abound!


Need an experienced interior designer to tackle your interiors and give you more bang for the buck?  Get in touch for a consultation!  I look forward to seeing you soon!

Bang for Your Buck!
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