DAWG Days!

Do you feel it? 


DAWG DAYS start every Labor Day weekend with the season opener for some Georgia Football.  And we are excited and planning on a lot of barking around here with that kick-off!

Officially, Autumn doesn’t greet us till September 22nd, but with the start of football, I can just feel it in the air!  Can’t you?  It’s still hot, but the weather just seems just a bit different……

As you know,  Fall is my favorite time of the year!


from my Pinterest Board, Autumn Leaves.  Blog Lovin’ post

So, from the Dog Days of Summer to the Dawg Days of Fall,
let’s celebrate with a little bit of fun with the theme of the team colors – Red and Black!


   from Jim Giddens

Are you ready (red-y)?


  from https://www.pinterest.com/source/scontent-a-atl.xx.fbcdn.net

Everyone has a favorite team or alma mater….. I know.  GEORGIA just happens to be mine!
I have friends that support many of my rival teams, and we get along great except for Game Day,
if we are opposing teams!  Then we are all in!   Woof!

I’m all decorated up for the football season at my house!  But, believe me, when one of my clients bought a home with a “Tailgate House” in mind, in Athens, and asked me to decorate it, I absolutely loved jumping in.  And we keep adding more goodies to that interior the more they enjoy it! 






It’s a fun house –  loaded with Red and Black, and all kinds of collections of Georgia memorabilia.   And it’s all about entertaining at each HOME game and all year round with their GO DAWGS spirit!  And y’all were thinking I am crazy, I know, but how about owning a Tailgate House?  I absolutely LOVE it and we are not crazy!!! We love our GA football!







So….  I will keep yelling for my Dawgs all season and enjoy the fun!  And if you have a special room, bonus room, man cave, entertainment area or a house that needs to be decorated and that needs a GO DAWGS in mind, I’m your Designer!  And yes, I will decorate with other teams in mind, too……although I may draw the line with the Florida Gators, because I’m a Gator Hater!  (I hope you are laughing out loud!)


 from Penleyartco.com

I look forward to hearing from you!  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com and if you want more GEORGIA FUN, check out my Pinterest Board, GO DAWGS.  For more ideas on the Fall decorating season –  Autumn Leaves.

DAWG Days!
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