Does Autumn Match Your Spirit?

There’s definitely something magical about The FALL season. 

There’s a special feeling that overtakes me….  




Here are my TOP 10 favorites about the season!


  1. Maybe it’s the color palette in the landscape….. the beauty of the landscape is just breathtaking!




  1. And then again, the sunsets are richer and the sunshine just feels good on your face, too.


  1. Have you experienced the amazing Harvest Moon rising in the evening? WoW!  It’s always the best in the Fall!



  1. The temperatures start to ease up (especially in the South) with cooler mornings and evenings to enjoy….. And I LOVE scarves – it’s time to start adding them to my fashions again…..  And pull out fabulous jackets too!   It’s time for a wardrobe change.  Right?




  1. And the food tastes better than ever with many apple goodies in our path! We just picked up some of our favorites in the mountains this weekend!  And treated ourselves to fried apple pies!  YUMMY for the tummy, and I love to decorate with them, too.



  1. Then there are hints of Fall with pumpkins, decorative gourds, cotton, colored leaves, and more fabulous fun things to decorate with for the season.






  1. In this household, it’s about football – to be specific, University of Georgia football season! We are having a real GO DAWGS kind of year!  It’s all about the RED and BLACK though – I don’t have orange in my color palette.  HA!






  1. Soups, stews, and a variety of chili take front stage with my menus! It’s time for comfort foods….  Agree?


  (recipe on and on my Pinterest board, Yummy for the Tummy)



  1. We decorate with creativity with our interiors and our exteriors, to enjoy as we celebrate the Fall color palette.






  1. I do love the many quotes that speak of Fall in a special way….. tis true that



It’s FALL Y’all!  Enjoy!

If you are in need of design expertise, get in touch!   I look forward to hearing from you!


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Does Autumn Match Your Spirit?