Dreaming Big

Let’s make your Master the best it can be…..

I’m currently working on a design project that includes a fabulous
Master Bedroom, Bathroom and a Dressing Room/Closet. 

It started out with several changes with some traffic issues – too many doors and
very, very choppy instead of open and more functional!  And other
challenges included very outdated closet system, and a very “dis-jointed”
bathroom that was too small.  It is a very nice home, built in the 1970’s, but
has not been updated at all in this area, for some time, in the home. 

And let me tell you, we touched every aspect of this Georgian
home in some way – around 8000 square feet.

Here’s a little look into where we started….

And we enjoyed taking up the Master Bedroom with fabulous damask wallpaper!
It’s gorgeous and these pictures don’t do it justice!  And the wood floors are
also beautifully finished all through the home….

My clients wanted to include several “wants” in the bathroom –
a roomy shower, a claw foot tub,  (this is just after these were
installed with beautiful compliments all around)

a double vanity with  a simply elegant feel, and all in the “footprint”
that we had to make it function properly too.   It took some walls moving,
and brainstorming on the remodeling team’s part, but we did it!

We moved the dressing table to the large closet to be more efficient with our space,
but the elegance continues in this area, too…..crystal and chandeliers abound.  


It is progressing nicely – we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel,
but we still have a lot to finish before they move in.  I will update
this project as it moves along to the “finish line”! 

There will be sweet dreams in this Master, believe me…..

Need a designer to help you with your project, too?  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com
Let’s make your big dreams a reality too! 

Dreaming Big
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