Entertaining with Spring!

Do you have a Spring/Summer event coming up and
need a little help with some decorating ideas? 


As I told my client…..I help with a lot of Christmas related
decorating for events (including several of hers too)
but it was fun to have a Spring themed event!
Kind of like a breath of fresh air…..if you know what I mean?


It certainly is nice to have a beautiful interior, too! 


Here are some pictures to enjoy the beautiful colors of the day! 



One particular comment from the evening that made me
smile greatly (at this Progressive Dinner):
My guests didn’t want to leave the Appetizer portion of the evening
to move on to the main course because they
were enjoying the food, the company and the
beautiful floral arrangements so much!


That’s pretty special, if I do say so myself! 


If you have an event on your calendar and need some
decorating expertise, please give me a shout! 

I will help to make your event the Talk of the Town (or subdivision)! 

Entertaining with Spring!
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