Ever Green

Spring greets us in March with the magic of GREEN!  Let’s enjoy the renewal once again….

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This year’s Pantonne Color of the Year is Greenery!

I’m pretty sure everyone likes some aspects of the color Green, whether it’s bright and rich like an emerald

 from Home and Stone (and my Pinterest board, Going Green)


or different tones of green that could be more of your color palette.
Greenery with nature, shows us the way!

What’s your favorite Green for your home?  You can do a little or a lot!

   from Home Stories A-Z (from my Pinterest Board, Going Green)

   from Myhomeideas.com

  from Haden Interactive

     from weranda.pl

   from Holly Phillips @ The English Room


This “color scale of green” with the gradation of steps is a perfect
example of the rich colors of green.

Colors of green can vary with different light, and with other colors
complimenting and adding (or subtracting) to the value.

   from Italianbark.com

We all use a little bit of “greenery” in our home in some way  ~
an accent, a paint color, an accessory, a fabric, a piece of furniture,
artwork, or simply in a beautiful house plant or arrangement that takes us back to nature…

And even with our exteriors!

  from delormedesigns.blogspot.ca

Green is a part of our everyday life, in one way or another……
Enjoy the introduction of green with a new perspective with Spring on our doorstep!

Needing some design expertise with colors, a remodel or renovation,
furniture, window treatments, or do you have needs with function,
space and design with your interiors?
Get in touch! 
I look forward to hearing from you.

Ever Green
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