Gratitude. Giving. Thankful.

Autumn is in full swing with the rich colors starting to pop all around.






(from some camera moments….suitable for framing!)



Even though it’s been a very wet season so far, Autumn brings out my warm and fuzzy side. I dream of beautiful Fall colors, the last harvest, and family and friends as we gather around the table and the hearth. I am so personally attracted to this color palette, too…..
As a child, my family would take a Sunday afternoon ride as “family time” together, typically to “the farm”. And I continue to enjoy those rides and take in the views. I love just riding around and looking at nature’s glory, which is so well expressed in this season. Are you with me in these moments? If not, take a breath and take it all in… will be glad you did take that time to enjoy, because the beauty will give in to the days of Winter soon….
Surely, I find this time of year a time of great gratitude for the bounty of this past year. Gratitude makes my heart feel full and I know that I am so fortunate to have the friends that I do, a family who loves me even when I get a bit off track, and the ability to see the great beauty in this world.




As you know, I normally paint my creations into being but I decided to take my trusty camera phone and take some Fall pictures to share with you this time, too. Photography is a wonderful art form and I love a good photo gallery in the home as well as oil paintings.




found on
and my Pinterest board, Gallery Wall Art





found on
and Pinterest board, Gallery Wall Art



And I’m very grateful for you!

Gratitude. Giving. Thankful.
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