Holidays in the Kitchen

One very busy area of our home, during the Holidays (and really anytime),
is the Kitchen – the Heart of the Home.




From Thanksgiving through New Years, there are many activities that
make this area pulsate with extra excitement.


For the “cook”, the Kitchen is busy with exploring new recipes for family gatherings,
preparing food on many levels, cooking for days on end (and there may
be more than one cook or chef), and presenting scrumptious delights for family and friends.


Would you like a Kitchen like Paula Deen?

nov1606 from


or maybe scaling it back, just…..a little?



from Southern Living




Is your Kitchen up to the task?  Or do you need to update for such
busy days as these, in the future?


In our Kitchen, David and I share in many cooking activities on a daily basis,
but it’s even busier with the Holiday season.

nov1608 from


In addition, there are beautiful additions to the Kitchen that make it a
pleasure to be a part of all the blessings of the busy days in this area
– for function and for aesthetics.


It’s a wonderful area for Holiday decorations as well as filling our homes with
Holiday aromas that make the season special.
I enjoy decorating in the Kitchen, too!  Don’t you?



With beautiful Fall and Thanksgiving decorations…


To getting your home decorated for the Holidays, in every way.

nov1611 from Better Homes and Gardens



from Woo Home


from It All Started With Paint blog post


And if you are really blessed with cooking up treasures from your Kitchen,
you may be sharing extra special gifts from your Kitchen also!
I enjoy baking and preparing treats for the “sweet tooth” in many
homes, with gifting.  Back in the days when I had teachers on my
Christmas buying list, my children and I would prepare treats
and wrap them with pretty ribbons to share.    Noah still has favorites that he asks
me to make with him during the Holidays….. and it all started
with helping with those gifts and sampling along the way.





I do believe that I will add these recipes to my gift giving ideas too!


from Des | Life’s Ambrosia  (recipe on the Pinterest board, Gifts from the Kitchen)



from Vera Zec (also with recipe on my Pinterest board, Gifts from the Kitchen)



If your Kitchen is not up to speed with tasks all year, let’s get started with design
plans, just for you and your needs!  Emailing me at is the first step.


Here’s a transformation of a beautiful Kitchen in progress…..
changing the stain on the cabinetry.  It’s going to be a beautiful renovation.



Enjoy November and Happy Thanksgiving!








Holidays in the Kitchen
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