Keeping it Formal?

Or Not?


Do you enjoy having a Formal Dining Room?




More current floor plans tend to exclude a Formal Dining Room, because fine dining seems to be dwindling with entertaining and family gatherings.

And some floor plans are using “fine dining areas”, rather than a designated room. 

So what makes a Dining Room more formal?  It could include the following notations….to take it up a notch with the look, the style, and the layering of fine dining at its best.

  ~ furniture

  ~ wall treatment and finishes

  ~ fabrics

  ~ style of window treatment

  ~ light fixture

  ~ accessories

  ~ floor finish and rug


Or do you wish that you had a Formal Dining Room?








 ~~ Not to mention…. the place settings and centerpieces that give you help hints as well.

These are just a few examples of formal and fine dining, yet they all have their personal character and style!   All are very elegant in their own way. 

Are you prepared to entertain with your fine dining?  Need some help?

Here’s a roadmap for you!


And to be honest, it’s not a bad idea to be current on your etiquette because with an invitation to formal dining events, it will be very good to be in the know! When Noah was about 16, he was sitting by me, at the Ritz for a 70th Birthday event, and he surely was happy for that place card location!


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Keeping it Formal?
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