Manners: How the manners of your home reflect your own manners

Have you been a guest in a friend’s home lately and noticed all the details that made your stay very enjoyable and pleasant?  Here are 15 tips that bring your attention to some of the “manner details”. 


  1. Good lighting expresses a cheerful welcome to friends and guests. And while the function of your lighting is very important, why not make the ambiance of that lighting a priority too!


  1. Comfy linens are a must. If you care enough to have someone stay in your home, then care enough to make them comfortable. Keep extra blankets available since we all have a different warmth threshold as well.


  1. Pampered items 
could include a water glass and pitcher set with a chocolate in the Guest Bedroom. Perhaps a few books to read on the bedside table, with the “wi-fi password” cleverly attached for late night browsing on the internet.


  1. Bathroom AccessoriesToilet tissue holders in bathrooms, for easy accessibility. Guest towels and soaps/scrubs, a small odor spray, and other necessary toiletries all make for a private experience letting your guest know their privacy is important to you.


  1. Accessibility 
can be easy and convenience for your guests…..If your guest has accessibility issues (using a walker, a cane, or a wheel chair) then your furniture arrangement needs to be spacious enough to accommodate them. And accessibility in the bathrooms is a great concern with guests that have these needs.  I have a lot of accessibility additions because of aging parents in my Guest areas.


  1. Clean and Tidy is a must, because my friends and guests deserve to experience my best self! Correct?


  1. Tabletop surfaces
 need to be placed appropriately in a conversation area for that cup of coffee, tea, or that special cocktail. And at the bedside of your Guest’s bed but make sure that you also provide coasters to protect any of your tabletops too!  That also send a message about their manners, as well….


  1. Comfortable seating shows that you are considerate of their comfort and that they are welcome to stay a while! Keep those fabrics in mind too for the most comfort, beauty and maintenance.


  1. Welcoming fragrancesIn today’s world of sensitivities, a delicate balance is best.  Aromas from the kitchen or well-placed flowers usually do the trick. Don’t you think?


  1. A special place to hang a coat, hat or park an umbrella so your guest can unburden themselves of their accessories.
 Yes, umbrella stands can still be found and they can be quite the accessory too!


  1. The Welcome Door Mat so that your guest does not have to worry about bringing dirt into your home, and knows that they are certainly welcome with hospitality flowing at the door!


  1. AccessoriesArtwork, books, decorative items, beautiful additions to the interiors. This supports a creative environment for stimulating conversations. and definitely speaks to how interesting you really are.


  1. A good color scheme also supports a creative and pleasant experience for your guest.  After all, you and your guest are co-creating an experience.  Why not make it a pleasant one.


  1. Good Eats from your well appointed Kitchen can be served well at a beautiful table – either in your Kitchen area or your Dining Room. Are you ready to seat guests in these areas?


  1. Music certainly plays an important role in a nice interior and for your guest’s enjoyment….. mood music could be just the “icing on the cake” to add to the comfort factor of a nice visit.



IF you notice, with these 15 tips, it’s all about appealing to the senses,
for your guests’ visits or overnight stays.  Manners are so important……

Just a few inspirations for you with pictures, here!

Pampering your guests…..


LOVE this idea for a bathroom and storage!


Comfortable seating with ambiance, and great lighting for daytime
and nighttime needs…..



from my Pinterest board, For the Home


and another interior filled with great comfort not to mention
beautiful and functional lighting!  Not to mention, there are appropriately
placed tabletops for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 


Simple details….







Make it all come together for your interiors, from the Welcome Mat
(see more inspirations on my Pinterest board,
Welcome Door Mat) to the pampering details. 

When you are ready to implement your designing details and show your
manners well, give me a shout and let’s take this project on with making
great decisions to make your house your home!


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Manners: How the manners of your home reflect your own manners
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