My Front Doors

I’ve learned a lot over the years, listening to client’s problems and finding solutions for them that works!  And several have had the same problem that I have had too…but they had no porch or protection on the front of their homes like I have designed into mine.  So I learned something…. Or so I thought!


Well, I have an issue with our beautiful front doors, which I thought I had addressed sufficiently with the design of our home, with a welcoming rocking chair porch (that is nice and deep – Southern Style).  But who knew…..that the sun was going to be a major player and enemy for me?






This picture was taken last Fall for my daughter, Natalie Bradley, to create a beautiful watercolor of our home.  (see info below to get your home painted in watercolor too!  She is a wonderful artist and her technique has improved tremendously since she painted mine!)


Here’s the problem……


I have a pair of beautiful mahogany front doors with seeded glass that I helped design, when we were building our home.  They are majestic and solid with a beautiful finish, too.  They are character doors!   I do LOVE character doors!

I even suggested that we deepen the porch with double stairways to increase the coverage and protection of my mahogany doors.  That design has been wonderful for the architectural details of the exterior as well…

However, I noticed that we were still getting a lot of morning sun through the glass of the front doors.  But, I still thought to myself, I was covered, until one Christmas as I’m decorating the front porch, I notice the strange discoloration of the wood from the top to the bottom of the door.  AND one door is darker than the other and there’s a little bit of damage on the finish at the bottom of the door!  This was not even 3 years after we moved in.



So, I found a very good re-finisher for exterior doors.  My doors had to be taken off, refinished in a controlled environment (we were boarded up for about 2 weeks) and re-hung.

Once again they were beautiful.  And I thought – I need to get a handle on a good solution now!  But I was assured that this finish would last longer.  WRONG!

BUT this had to be addressed again after 3 years!  Really?  Really.

I even had representatives from paint companies to come address the situation with their expertise.  YES, painting was their solution, but NOT MINE.   It’s going to happen again and again…..and the trees can’t grow fast enough nor do we want a tree dead center of the porch, with landscaping!  HELLO.

The sun tops the tree line at the same time in the morning, and it’s not directly in front of our house – a little to the side with it’s direction, which is why one door is more affected than the other!  AND it’s worse in the Winter, with no leaves on the trees.

So, what do I do to remedy this problem?  I’ve been searching….

So, I have set my sights on another solution for protection of my doors!  The builder and I have consulted and now we are working on a design plan that will work the best for my architecture and exterior, my beautiful doors, and for the sun issue!  I am HOLDING ON to my mahogany stained doors and the solution is how to keep the sun OFF of them!

Here are just a few ideas!  What do you think? 

















 — This one even has a bit of character similar to my doors!




I kinda like the way it can give that old Charleston look…. Don’t you?  I’ll keep you posted on my decision!


All of these ideas are on my Pinterest boards…. From Welcome Door Mat to Character Doorways to Southern Accents.  I invite you to follow me on Pinterest! 


Are you interested in a beautiful watercolor artwork of your home too?    Check out some of Natalie’s recent pieces….





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My Front Doors
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