Off to the Mountains…..with Cabin Fever!

You know, everyone has a special place – a place that speaks to your heart, grants you space to grow & learn, gives you enjoyment as well as relaxation, and also blesses you with beautiful surroundings. 

We found our “new place”.  WooHoo!

As I mentioned in the July newsletter and post, we’ve had a great R&R place at the beach – Cape San Blas – on the Gulf for 16 years.  Noah grew up there and we moved in about 2 weeks after Natalie and Edward married.  We have made so many special memories there, and we will continue to vacation there too.   It’s been an inspiration in our lives….  And we’ve made good friends over the years there, too….


We have found ourselves with some major lifestyle changes, and needed sanctuary in the
North Georgia Mountains, with less than a 2 hour drive, and views that take your breath away, with another avenue.

Recently, our beach town-home sold and we just purchased our mountain home,
after many days searching for the perfect retreat.
We need to name it…..and yes, we are renting it, too.

And right now, I am turning this little bit of heaven into “our space”.  It’s located in Rabun Gap, just above Clayton, GA and close to the North Carolina state line.  (I know David and Noah will be glad when they don’t have to move another piece of furniture!)

I have to share a funny story about Noah (20 years old, mind you).  His first comment walking in the door was “ Mom, this art has got to go…”   I laughed and laughed.  He is his mother’s child for sure, with comments like that!  I had made that same comment to David a week earlier that I surely didn’t like their taste in art.  And yes, it was the first thing to exit the door!

So, I am going to be adding my touch in many places, but some personal artwork will
definitely be hanging on these walls as well as some collected pieces that David and I have accumulated over the years.


I am kind of hoping to get some artwork done there too…..  There’s a little “shed” in the back
that could be turned into an art studio in a “skinny minute” –
we just need to add some natural light….. and we are good to go!



With writing this newsletter post, I thought a little sneak peak at a blog post I wrote back in 2014,
about my idea of a cabin, was a cute twist on how this place got our attention.
Cabin Fever

It’s funny to read the elements that I talked about and see the results in reality in our “cabin”.
I have included the blog post for you to read again, if you missed it.

Ok, I thought I would laugh out loud at the fact that the front door of the cabin in my 2014 blog post is red.  In reality, ours is blue (and I’m talking an ugly blue!), but HEY, remember you get a lot of “Bang for your Buck” with paint!  Right?  (In fact, I want to paint the exterior a more rustic color too, not just the front door, mind you.)

All in due time….


And that I definitely needed a screen porch with a swing – well I have a huge porch and deck area, with a fire pit, and lots of rocking chairs and a “glider swing”, but we still may add some screening at one end!  And some painting to do with this “ugly blue” that I don’t care for at all.  A lot of the “junky stuff” is already gone on this deck/porch area too, thankfully.  And please remember that this is a BEFORE picture!


And THEN, I mention in that post, a spacious Kitchen with all of the appointments needed, including a window over the sink with a view.  YES, that is also reality, with lots of rustic wood on the walls and floors throughout the interior.  I also added a large Kitchen table and chairs to a slightly different location than the previous owners placement of their table and benches.  You will like this one much better!

Still a lot to do in the Kitchen to make it more of our “look” including getting rid of all the “knick knacks on top of the cabinets!  (Drives me nuts….  The window treatment and a few other things…..I was in cleaning out mode when I took this picture but not done yet!) and we’ll need a light fixture over the table.  But I love the table and chairs that I have moved in.  And YES, this is the same view as you saw above from the porch/deck area.

Getting there…


The bedrooms are still in transition but I’m really liking the direction they are going –
also quite rustic feeling but colorful!  They are not even close to ready for pictures though!

And no, I didn’t get that soaker tub yet……but maybe we need to get a hot tub, instead!  HA!

The view is unbelievable….and we are working on a corner fireplace, hopefully with a red wood burning stove!
Another comment about the idea of my cabin-  I just “had to have”.

I enjoy adding the character, our way too!  Just a few little “snippets” of some additions can be seen in these pictures.
And I am working on that artwork to make it more fabulous!  I promise, Noah.






Hopefully, it will be available for rent soon.  SO keep us in mind if you are looking
for a special “mountain retreat” in the mountains,, with a fabulous view,
great location and lots of special treats! 

And by the way – we have named it but it’s still not finalized yet –
The Red Bird Retreat, The Red Bird Cottage or The Red Bird Cabin.  I will keep you posted.

MORE inspirations for your rustic retreats can be found on my Pinterest board, Cabin Love.
And I will share more pictures as we transition with our designing and decorating and character building!

Do you need Designing Help at your retreat or your home?  Whether it’s beach, mountains, or some where in between, I can certainly help you with your homes.  I do travel…..  Give me a shout    I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Off to the Mountains…..with Cabin Fever!
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