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We are in the digital age…… and it definitely has it’s advantages.  I’m sure you will agree, especially if you are in my age group and have seen this evolution of progress.  (I’m not admitting my age, but 25 years ago, our cell phones were installed in our cars and not a hand-held device!

I have found that there is one problem with this era……the memories that are captured in photos and frames are starting to be a thing of the past.   

You can ask our children…. I drive them nuts asking for pictures of them and our grandchildren.  I give picture frames as gifts quite often, because I think pictures in frames make beautiful accessories, and we are all drawn to fabulous pictures!   And it’s very nice to frame memories with care for a table top or for a wall gallery.

And just think…. if you ask your loved ones for awesome photos, you don’t have to stalk Facebook to steal a photo that you love!  I’m known to do that, myself! 

Pictures tell our stories…..

      from Espacebuzz

Why not build a Family Gallery wall from your older photos that have been stashed away in a drawer?  

Stairways are a great place for displaying your favorites!  Why not add some other interesting pieces too?  What’s your thought for a gallery wall?

Do you want to build a Family Wall of more current pictures, perhaps? In a very frequented area of your home?

   from I-love-baby-feet.blogspot.com

How do you want to share your pictures?   Or perhaps artwork, sketches or caricatures that depict your family members….?

   from PuzzleMatters

And other areas work nicely with Family Galleries as well.  Please make sure you have adequate lighting so that you and your guests can enjoy your special memories, too. 

  from piccsy.com

Everyone has a different perspective for the Gallery in their home, and it depends on the space you want to fill, and maybe the style pictures that you have, the sizes and shapes, and how creative you want to be.

   from servicecentral.com.au

   from Little House of Four

If you need some guidance to get started, here’s a few “road maps” to help you to master the picture hanging.

    from Hearttreehome.com

   from the datingdivas.com

    from fengshuibusinesscard.com

I have a Family Gallery Wall in my home, too.  Actually I have several, but this one is almost complete…..I keep adding to them to make it work with special photos that I have custom framed.

If you need more inspiration, my Pinterest board, Family Gallery, is loaded with ideas of all kinds!   



IF you need some help with accessorizing, custom framing or decision making on this endeavor……  just get in touch!  Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com  

It’s not always as easy as it looks…..  

Picture This
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