Porches are Life-Savers

Porches are Life-Savers


Yes they are.


You know, I have used my porch for many entertaining opportunities –
from Mother’s Day with hosting the family to Noah’s graduation party and hosting many friends.




It’s like having an extra room – but more of an open air aesthetic quality, so that makes it more accessible certain times of the year, but I also feel like I’m a part of nature too, with the humming birds dancing around and my Red Bird spinning in the wind.




I have also accomplished a lot of daily needs for myself on the porch –
with coffee in hand and in the early morning hours – this time of year.


It’s a great sanctuary for writing blog posts, having important conversations in person and on the phone, finding much deserved quiet time (except for the tranquility of the water feature, just off the porch) space away from the busy world, and a place to “think” about many things and problem solving.


Ramsey loves the porch too…..and he is always willing to accompany me, when I head for that door!
In fact, he and I are both out on the porch as I write this with great weather this evening!


My favorite place on the porch is my swing….. there’s something very spiritual and
satisfying about the motion of a swing….  Don’t you agree?




We also enjoy eating evening meals out here, when we can.  I’ve also been known to bring a blanket with me, in the colder months, because I enjoy this space so very much…..and I even decorate it for Christmas because it’s another wonderful extension of our Family Room!


You know I always talk about the porch being a welcoming place, and it should be, for sure.  But remember that you also need to enjoy this space personally, as well.  Make it your “go to” place for You, too….with planning and designing this extra special place.


Yes, Thank God for letting the Southerner in me shine, with enjoying my  porch(es).   My porch is my life-saver.


This sign maybe going to the Mountain house! 








Need help in adding on a porch?  Designing your porch to make it extra special for you and welcoming too?
Yes, I design outdoor spaces and porches!   Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com
And there are Sun Rooms too ( a year-round porch) that are also “life-saving” opportunities.


More inspirations on my Pinterest board, Welcoming Porches.



Porches are Life-Savers
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