Downsize + Relocation Packages

Three choices to assist you with a downsize or relocation. Or both.

1. DIY

The Do It Yourself package is great if all you want is a little help to  plan and organize your space and your things. But  basically, you want to handle the big stuff.

2. Team Up

The Team Up package works best if you’d like to tackle some tasks but want someone else to handle more details. We’ve got an “app” for that: our hard-working team.

3. Turnkey 

Also known as “The StressBuster,” this enables you to make your wishes known then entrust the details and work to our team. It starts with a meeting to determine your favorite pieces, lifestyle, preferences, and special instructions. It ends when you (or a loved one) are settled into your simplified, personalized renewed home.

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“Going through your parents’ treasures and incorporating them into your own over-stuffed home is overwhelming. How nice it was to have Cumby as a guide through the process to lend her well-trained eye, and heart, to such a difficult task. The result was the true incorporation of favorite inherited pieces into the everyday fabric of living.” — Kathy