Setting the Table

This time of the year we tend to have more entertaining opportunities with invited guests – whether casual or formal.  Do a little creative planning to make your table extra special!


If you need a road map for table settings, this one is great!  And it could be a good guide for your creative inspirations….

from my Pinterest board, Mapworks shared this on Pinterest




Here are some great ideas and inspirations for you to get your creative juices flowing!


If you need an inspiration for adding creative elements around your place setting, look no further!  Fabulous!




From my Pinterest board, Thanksgiving Inspirations

And I love the idea of using Thanksgiving china to add elegance to your table!  I’m a “china addict”, and IF I hosted Thanksgiving, I would surely need it!  HA!  Mixing and matching with other china patterns is even more desirable…..  Take a closer look at this table setting and see how they accomplished that extra special treat!

Don’t you love the handsome Turkey  centerpiece?






Looking for soft and natural?  Check these inspirations out!


















     from the Zoe Report





Truthfully, when thinking through your table settings, you can be inspired with goodies within your home and group them together with elements that add design and texture, and get many compliments.


And…..I hope you will find the Thanksgiving humor here!





Many more ideas on my Pinterest board, Thanksgiving Inspirations, Centerpiece Favorites, Autumn Leaves and more.
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Setting the Table
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