Shut the “Barn Door”!

The popularity of the sliding door is abounding! 


More commonly called a “Barn Door”, it replaces the bi-fold louvered doors (Thank goodness) where it can be used efficiently and in some cases, the pocket doors of the past. 


It does have it’s advantage –  it can make a closet much more functional without a door swing…..   OR divide rooms efficiently….whatever the reason, get creative with the design need!  (but don’t get too carried away!)


A Laundry Closet is a perfect example!


   from Vida Lucida

Or for the Pantry, with a different style door!  Again for better functional space…. Not to mention, character….. 


What’s your style door?

Character door?  Yes, please.


Why not make it a French Door with limited space, or even for a lovely affect?
More character built right in!


   from This Photographer’s Life and Blayne Macauley

And simply for the ambience…..






 from Home Bunch

Do you love this idea for a dark basement stairway?  (And if there’s room
for the sliding door to one side or the other.)  Yes, please.
It’s also a great way to keep the thermostat happy with two floors ~


  from Rustica Hardware

Too many of these sliding doors in an interior can be boring, but if this
idea helps you with functional space and alternative door placement,
then it’s here for you in many styles! 


Yes, I have used these doors in several interior locations!


Jump right in, and don’t forget what your Mama said….  Shut the Door!  


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Shut the “Barn Door”!
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