Sink Smarts

When choosing a sink for your Kitchen or Bathrooms, I would highly recommend thinking through the decision with your design in mind with the aesthetics as well as the function.

With several clients lately in the Kitchen and Bath renovation stages,  and walking through this process of selection, I bring a lot of these kinds of questions to their attention.

Some sinks may look super cool with character, but will they be practical in your Kitchen?
This is a good example…..Super cool rustic look…Right?



And if you select a “drop in” sink, instead of an under-mount, will you be happy with it?  There are extra steps with cleaning around the sink, and the front as well.    This is a good example…of a “drop in” sink.

And do you want a double sink or would you prefer no divider?



How you function in the Kitchen with prep, clean-up, washing dishes (and if there are large pots that need to fit into the space properly) and also choosing the right plumbing fixtures, as well.   What kind of material for your sink is also a big factor!    What works best for you with function as well as the design?

Only one sink or two in your Kitchen?


Would you like this kind of prep sink?  A separate sink – usually located in the island for prep in cooking – could be just the ticket for you!  (My prep sink is a miniature version of my main sink and I’m glad that it is, because it’s still a deep sink and opens up opportunity for more function than washing and prepping vegetables, for me)

Or would you rather have a “multi-task” type prep sink for your Kitchen?

All of these thought processes need to fit into your selection of a sink or sinks!

More sink inspirations can be found on my Pinterest board, The Kitchen Sink

And in the Bathroom, the same applies…..   Think it through!

An under-mount sink design or a drop-in – which do you prefer?  What’s your routine with your bathroom sink?   Do you need a lot of surface space around your sink?  Do you want aesthetics to be the only concern when you use your sink multiple times a day in the bathroom?






I really love Vessel Sinks but they are not really conducive to a Master Bathroom situation, in my mind.  I think they are better used in a Powder Room – just because of function and the space they can take with their design and most people want 2 sinks in the bathroom. Sometimes counter space is at a premium with a Master Bath, and if you are like me, you don’t want to share your sink.

I have certainly enjoyed my vessel sink in my Powder Room.
I re-purposed an old marble topped chest and it’s worked beautifully for me!


When selecting your special design needs, always consider YOUR design and function, and not what is trending at the moment.  There’s a way to combine the two for a successful design solution for you, too.

Need help making your design decisions?  I’m just an email or phone call away.

Check out more Bathroom inspirations on my Pinterest board, Powder Your Nose.

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We’ll talk about other sink needs and design in another post – Laundry, Mud Room, Exterior Kitchens and Baths…..
Sink smarts covers a lot of territory!



Sink Smarts
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