I’ve Got a Crush

I’ve Got a Crush

That ‘ole Gershwin tune from way back can just resonate in your mind when you just find that “special something” that really gets your attention…..   I laugh at the insurance commercial on TV  – it makes reference to that special something….  “I saw it, and I knew….I just had to have it!”  –  you know, the blue sofa!  Know the one I mean?   Ok, so let’s think about that crush….with Gershwin’s lyrics….as your guide.   I’ve got a

ART Makes the HEART Happy

Good vibrations can be found in artwork to set your mood on your day, on your prospective, and in your interiors!   Here are a few special pieces that I just saw the inspired my day! All can be found at Sunshine Village Art Gallery in Watkinsville, GA.   And I hope these beautiful pieces of art also add a little skip to your step as well…..                          

ART All Around

ART All Around

“Give me your walls and your interiors, and I will make them fabulous!” Cumby Hammock-Cobb Art plays such an important role in your interiors.  Sometimes it’s the inspiration for the entire room and then again, it can be the last addition or accessory to the room to make it all “come together” perfectly. I recently attended a seminar, for designers only by trade professionals.  This event creatively addressed art and rugs with beautiful combinations from the designers point of view. 



  The cow phenomena is more than a passing trend….. All kinds of cows are included in the popularity, not just the famous black and white dairy cows that is iconic with Chick-Fil-A.  Many people have their favorites and find peace and comfort with a piece of artwork that’s all about cows… My daddy would love to know that his best friends are a phenomena with interiors, these days….. What’s your favorite cow?   Creamsickles by Amy P. Collins  

Planting the Seed

It starts with planting a seed – a beautiful accessory, a fabulous fabric or interesting artwork – and it grows into a beautiful interior. Very appropriate, I must say – Cocoa palette! RICH COLOR + Warm Tones = Beautiful COLOR Palette Photos by Maura Friedman Which translates into a beautiful interior…….   Are you ready to plant that design seed?  Call Cumby 404 483 4174 or Visit me on Pinterest!

An Artistic Day

Ashford on Main and Ashford Manor teamed up with Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville, GA for an Art Reception, a wonderful opportunity to show off beautiful original artwork in a beautiful venue! Painting by Rob Seville Painting by Laurel Genteman Another painting by Rob Seville Red dog painting     An artistic floral design by Daffodil Hill Ann Reynolds (L), owner of Sunshine Village Gallery and artist, Priscilla Cunningham. More > Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483

A New Creative Journey

If you want to know the truth….. I took a little bit of art when I was in college at the University of Georgia but nothing to boast about, because it was mandatory in my studies for interior design major but it was mostly drawing and charcoals, never painting.  Until these last few months, I had not painted any artwork on canvas at all.  I had been “crafty” and painted pottery and things like that, but not canvas painting.  I

Inspirational Americana ~

For this Memorial Day Salute, I thought some Art and Americana would be appropriate.  I love cruising through Art Galleries and one of my local favorites is Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville, GA.  Ann Reynolds. owner, will greet you with a smile and great conversation, telling the stories behind her artists’ canvases.  It’s quite the treasure in a little town, that is loaded with wonderful pieces of art that I wanted to share with you a sneak peak.  If you

Recycle…..Renew…..and Reuse!

Recyling can apply to more than helping Mother Earth, even though you are helping in that way, as well… saving “things” from the land fill and making use of it, maybe not the way it was intended, or perhaps with a slight twist.   I’m talking about taking a small detour (or sometimes a large detour) to Recyle, Renew, Reuse in your interiors!  This adventure can be fun and needs vision to see the options out there…. My cousin, Ginger Williams


Recently, I am discovering more and more that I am very attracted to the BLUES…. How about you? Softer blues are a “hot color” right now for interiors….in paint colors, wallpaper, artwork, fabrics,  furniture,  and accessories.   TOP 5 REASONS  FOR GETTING THE BLUES We are searching for calmness in our lives and less chaos….the soft blues give us that feeling…. It’s a beautiful color to work with (done correctly), coordinating with many other colors very nicely, from chocolates to grays