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Off to the Mountains…..with Cabin Fever!

Off to the Mountains…..with Cabin Fever!

You know, everyone has a special place – a place that speaks to your heart, grants you space to grow & learn, gives you enjoyment as well as relaxation, and also blesses you with beautiful surroundings.  We found our “new place”.  WooHoo! As I mentioned in the July newsletter and post, we’ve had a great R&R place at the beach – Cape San Blas – on the Gulf for 16 years.  Noah grew up there and we moved in about

Cabin Fever?

Have you a bit of cabin fever?   Yep, me too!  . My idea of a cabin?  I need a screen porch for sure……   and a porch swing, is definitely a MUST!   A cute Kitchen……is in order, for sure.  I do love to cook!   Although I’m not into hanging these pieces on the wall like you see here, I dare to say that I need that red kettle and frying pan in my Kitchen!  Who didn’t know


Are you living on the wild side?  Is there a little urge to sow a few “wild oats”, perhaps?   Do you ever long to be in the country?  Maybe you are not sure how to add in your wild character…. Is it the safari type “countryside” or just out in the rural life that could be calling your name?  WILD has a different meaning for all of us….   Just in case…. Here are a few ways to “live a