Changing it Up for Christmas!

Do you decorate every year with the same ‘ole mentality that everything goes back to the same spot, year after year?   Well, we are all kinda guilty in that department, I have to admit that it can happen to me with a few pieces, too.  But, if you will just change it up a little bit, it’ll feel much more like you made an effort and that it’s almost a like a new treat!          

Thinking Southern….

Do you want your Christmas decorating to have a Southern theme?   Think cotton – The South’s Snow!   I do LOVE coming up with creative ideas to use the cotton in decorating for Christmas……   It can be purely organic.         OR get really creative with a little glitz!       Think magnolia and greenery!   You can’t go wrong with this avenue…..                     Think classic

Fa La La La La La…… la la la

With the end of November, and the ringing in of December, Christmas decorating is on our minds….. to prepare for the Christmas season ahead.           There has been much on my mind because I decorate the interiors of several homes for Christmas, every year and I get them completed the first few days of December, usually.  And I have to decorate my home, too!  Therefore, your newsletter is a little late this month!      

Christmas Decorating with Greenery

I love using greenery in my Christmas decorating for clients and for myself!  It’s classic and festive all rolled in together for a very festive look of the Season.   These days, we use a lot of faux greenery to last through the season, but it’s really cool if you can mix in some greens from your garden into the look as well for added texture and color.  Plus, this gives you the lovely aroma of the Christmas spirit!  It’s

Decisions, Decisions!

  Have you ever had a family squabble on which lights should be hung on the tree? Well, there is a solution on your radar. You heard it here first!   Colored or white? Remote controlled? Or ALL of the above with remote control. Not kidding… take a look at this tree website!   Ask and you shall receive…..maybe for next year at this point, but the trees that are offered are wonderful , even a tree with a flat

CHRISTMAS FUN with Inspirational Ideas!

Have you given any thought to your Christmas centerpiece?  You don’t have to go broke to get attention at your Christmas Celebrations because great ideas are at your fingertips!   Here’s a few great inspirations to get your creative juices flowing…….   AND remember.  If you USE your centerpiece for the meal, you must be able to see over the centerpiece, for friendly conversation and eye to eye contact for special Christmas greetings!   Enjoy making it Merrier and Merrier