Are You a Sucker for Fall?

Are You a Sucker for Fall?

  It’s ok…… we’re in this together!          from   Nature graces us with some of the most gorgeous color palettes with the transition of the Autumn Leaves in the days ahead.  There’s much to be learned from this color schemes that are right there in front of us in the next few months….. IF you haven’t heard the “scoop”…..  COLOR is in and the “dull drums” are out.  The cool and calculated grays and other

ART All Around

ART All Around

“Give me your walls and your interiors, and I will make them fabulous!” Cumby Hammock-Cobb Art plays such an important role in your interiors.  Sometimes it’s the inspiration for the entire room and then again, it can be the last addition or accessory to the room to make it all “come together” perfectly. I recently attended a seminar, for designers only by trade professionals.  This event creatively addressed art and rugs with beautiful combinations from the designers point of view. 

Fun and Festive Ways to Celebrate the 4th

Fun and Festive Ways to Celebrate the 4th

  What are your plans for the 4th?  Do you celebrate in a grand scheme of things with picture perfect table settings? from Or do you just want to enjoy some relaxation and “sit a spell” ? from Do you decorate a little or a lot with your Red, White and Blue decorations?               from Lots of “good eats” and “festive drinks” can accompany your celebration no matter what the entertaining

OTTOMANS are Popular

I absolutely LOVE using ottomans with interiors…..and have for many years. They are growing in popularity too, as if they weren’t already a fav!   1. For a cocktail table type piece – you need an ottoman with a firm top and about the same height as the sofa if you plan to use it as a foot prop or a table.  For softer ottomans, you may need to use a large tray to make it work  for you. .

The Glorious Colors of Fall

It’s that time of the year! FALL – or AUTUMN – where we kick in high gear with glorious color and fabulous plans!       I know, it’s barely October, and we are decorating for Halloween and making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends!   For those of us who plan on the calendar, it’s scary to think that it’s only less than 3 months to Christmas, and between now and then, there are a lot

For the LOVE of RED (and Yellow)

I’ve always LOVED the color YELLOW! It was the major color in the fabrics and accents in my room when I was growing up and it stuck!     It’s such a happy color and works well with other colors! You do often see yellow with red accents, and vice versa.   It can make you think Spring…..Summer…..Sunshine…..Fall…… It’s a very good look for many color combinations.   My favorite flowers are in yellow too!         I LOVE

You had me at HELLO!

It’s OFFICIAL!  Fall is now here and it’s no secret that…. I LOVE FALL, Y’all…… Enjoy some of my favorite sights, sounds, tastes and scents of Autumn, stirred with a little nostalgia. The path to more FALL memories….. More Autumn Leaves on my Pinterest board….. Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or email Visit me on Pinterest!

Color Ripples

What’s your color palette?   And where do you find your inspiration? Here’s a few to share with you…. Like fruit?   Cock a doodle do! I particularly like this color scheme for me!  The aged door is a great inspiration! Citrus love or just peachy? Nature inspired? Or a mental vacation? MORE found on my Pinterest Board, Color Ripples. Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or email Visit me on Pinterest!


Have you been to the beach this Summer for some “Beach Therapy”? It’s amazing how the salt air and the sound of the waves can take you to a sense of relaxation…..   Why not capitalize on this feeling and see more  Ah… your life! This “hammock” has my name on it…..  (literally!) Sail away….. Or bring a little of the beach back home…. Enjoy your last Summer Daze too!  Don’t let them slip away…..grab a rope and pull them back in. 

RE- Purposing – Tried and True

Have you ever re-purposed anything in your home to result in an amazing design?  A functional design?  Or maybe a little of both? I happen to love RE-Purposing in design and if you haven’t tried it, … can start small, until you get the hang of it.  It’s fun!  I’ve even installed re-purposed floors from an old factory to a client’s home and they are magnificent!  (Here’s a close up – more to see in the new updated website photos