Decorating for the Holidays

It’s Christmas in July

It’s Christmas in July

I have had more conversations about Christmas in the last two weeks – not even kidding!  I am really NOT crazy!     from When I owned a retail store – about 35 years ago – I always had Christmas in July with the Cuthbertson Christmas China.  I sold it on a special sale to get ready for the Holiday entertaining, so I pulled out some Christmas goodies for merchandising that sale, and was able to sell more Christmas decorations


  Thanksgiving Day is about family around the table, eating turkey and dressing and many other favorites. Yet, it’s also about celebrating and GIVING THANKS for much in our lives. . I enjoy this extra special day set aside from others for many reasons….. Do you have extra special rituals and place settings for your Thanksgiving Meal? . Some of our favorite rituals are in the menu, itself! . Do you go FANCY and FORMAL or RUSTIC and CASUAL? Do

CHRISTMAS at Callanwolde

Signs of the Season Our Atlanta Designers’ Network met in December for our annual Christmas gathering at a members’ home for brunch (that could have been on the tour of homes! her home is beautiful!)and then we were all treated to visions of Christmas through the designers eyes at Christmas at Callanwolde.  This Christmas tour was a tradition in the Atlanta area that was resurrected again in 2010.  I hope it continues for years to come….I am sharing just a

It’s a DAWG DAY Christmas!

Signs of the Season It’s no secret that I’m a huge University of Georgia sports fan!  I do have many friends and family that support other teams and I enjoy the “competitive spirit” with many of you in the Southeast, from one coast to another and a lot in between.  Facebook has drawn friends much closer with sports teams all over the country and has us really talking about our fav’s during this time of the year too….  I love

Santa’s Helpers

Signs of the Season Santa’s Helpers come in all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  Don’t they?  The Elves are a big part of Christmas too, if you ask me….and the movie “Elf” showed us that perspective a few years ago! A very interesting compliment to Santa, is the collection of Elves, that was started for me by my mom. She has a very good friend, “Miss Judy”, who made wonderful crafts of all kinds, and Elves were her specialty!  I have

Ho ho ho

Signs of the Season One of my traditions is the fondness for the “man in red”.  You see, I have an attraction to Santa and the Elves and maybe not in the way you are thinking…. I like to collect Santas…all sizes and styles, yet I don’t place them all together as a collection, but definitely prominently placed.  AND the collection tends to grow every year just a little bit more, with more additions.  AND I’m always looking for more

A trip to the Botanical Gardens

Signs of the Season For a recent committee meeting, we decided to have lunch at the State Botanical Gardens, located in Athens, Georgia.  I was treated to more reminders of nature’s beauty and signs of the season…. There’s a beautiful building that is available for viewing on a daily basis to the public with lush greenery and ample event space for activities of all sorts, and the grounds are beautiful too.  There are actually many buildings and avenues to venture

History of the Poinsettia

Signs of the Season I don’t know about you, but I LOVE poinsettias and that fondness goes back quite a few years…. a favorite of mine since my childhood! Our church always decorated the sanctuary with lots and lots of these beautiful red blooms – a favorite memory that is repeated again and again every Christmas season.  And my mom always used them in our home for her Christmas decorating as well….a tradition that I continue.  I love using all

Are You Decorating with A Southern Tradition?

Signs of the Season What is your tradition for Christmas decorating with your home?  Do you get a head start before Thanksgiving or wait until the weekend after?  I know a lot of people hate that Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving, but I’m on the “other side” and I love decorating for Christmas and it doesn’t bother me at all.  My feeling is that you need to take the time and enjoy it – you go to a lot

CANDLES Can be Cool!

Have you noticed that when the weather starts to get a little cooler, the candles get a little more popular in our homes? That could be because we spend a little more time indoors in the cooler months and we enjoy changing our looks with the change of seasons.  AND it could mean that candles add a certain element of design and ambience, that can be a great way to personalize your home with an extra special character point in