Fall Decorating

What Color is Your Pumpkin?

What Color is Your Pumpkin?

Pumpkins are very popular and seasonal for this time of year!  Ah……Signs are springing up everywhere!     It’s about to be Fall Y’all!  (or do you say, Autumn?  Inquiring minds want to know…..) So, what color is your pumpkin?   Do you go traditional with orange?  (and personally I am not crazy about orange, so toning it down with other colors is more my taste!)             @mylittlepeanut     ~ traditional orange pumpkin, right

Very good entertainment indeed….

Are you considering updating your entertainment center with a new flat screen TV?   Please give this placement consideration and don’t just assume that it goes over the fireplace – the worst place ever for a TV!  There are choices for your individual needs, believe me! Installation of an entertainment center can be quite exciting entertainment for the designer and the homeowner….. A very empty wall that has had a large flat screen TV just sitting on an old desk…..starts

Summertime….and the living is easy…..

Summer is official!   ….even though we don’t need that kind of introduction in the South! It has felt like Summer most of the Spring….   We still plan certain events and live a little differently this time of the year. How do you visualize Summer? Beautiful artwork for your home can give you much enjoyment all year round….    I will be glad to help you chose the perfect artwork for your interiors, too. I have excellent news just for

Go Dawgs Decorating!

At my Football 101 event this past weekend, we got the opportunity to view and tour the new athletic facility….including the Locker Room, the Strength and Conditioning areas, the Coaches offices and conference rooms, the Players hangouts and Media Rooms, and other corridors that add character to the facility….  It was very Red and Black!  And the Georgia G trademark was in abundance too…. (If you want to read any more about the details of the Football 101 for Women,

Are You Decorating with A Southern Tradition?

Signs of the Season What is your tradition for Christmas decorating with your home?  Do you get a head start before Thanksgiving or wait until the weekend after?  I know a lot of people hate that Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving, but I’m on the “other side” and I love decorating for Christmas and it doesn’t bother me at all.  My feeling is that you need to take the time and enjoy it – you go to a lot

CANDLES Can be Cool!

Have you noticed that when the weather starts to get a little cooler, the candles get a little more popular in our homes? That could be because we spend a little more time indoors in the cooler months and we enjoy changing our looks with the change of seasons.  AND it could mean that candles add a certain element of design and ambience, that can be a great way to personalize your home with an extra special character point in

Pamper YOURself with Your TUB Choice

It’s TIME for a good soak for the R&R you need!  So PAMPER yourself with your TUB choice! Do you have a tub that you love and enjoy OR hate? If YOU are in the “hate category”…..Could it be that you didn’t have an option on your tub choice?   It’s important to treat this as a compliment to your lifestyle NOT an unwanted piece of the bathroom that is Unwanted! A lot of people have the traditional Garden Tub, the

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

For your Thanksgiving TREAT…  I am sharing a favorite recipe for your Holiday enjoyment! Eggnog Pie Another favorite from my mother’s recipe collection…tried and true….a great recipe to WOW your guests at your Holiday celebration! 1 Envelope Unflavored Gelatin ¼ C Milk 1 ½ C Commercial Dairy Eggnog 3 Eggs, separated ½ C Sugar, divided 3 T Rum 1 Baked Pie Shell/Crust or Graham Shell ½ C Whipping Cream 1 T Sugar Nutmeg Combine gelatin and milk in small bowl;

Football Season

I know that it sounds crazy, but I’ve been a football fanatic since the first game I attended @ Sanford Stadium in 1972….Over the years, my love for football has evolved and it has become one of my passions, pursuing more opportunities every year.  Football, especially GEORGIA football, is a part of our family’s traditional fall time together.  Our FALL revolves around the HOME team schedule….. David loves to serve as The Grill Master I will continue to share updates