Mother Nature’s Crayon Box

Mother Nature’s Crayon Box

Don’t you think that Mother Nature has a grand sense of humor and the best crayon box ever?    Check out her beautiful artwork that treats us with Autumn inspirations! wistfullycountry.tumblr.com weheartit.com   tassels.tumblr.com   color.romanuke.com   aquieterstorm.com   flickr.com sarahraven.com       buzzfeed.com THANK YOU Mother Nature!   I just LOVE the color palette of that crayon box!  Inspirations, galore! found on edutopia.org   LOVING on this time of the year too? It’s a wonderful time to bring



You know the sayings – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away….”, “Apples to Apples” and more…..  it’s all about the Apple!   Well, I do love me some apples!  This time of the year, we really think about Fall crisp apples even more …. it’s a sign of Autumn, when apples are harvested, but a       wonderful treat all year long! from Rustic Wedding chic   But wait, apples are really quite tasty, they remind us of

The Glorious Colors of Fall

It’s that time of the year! FALL – or AUTUMN – where we kick in high gear with glorious color and fabulous plans!       I know, it’s barely October, and we are decorating for Halloween and making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends!   For those of us who plan on the calendar, it’s scary to think that it’s only less than 3 months to Christmas, and between now and then, there are a lot

Fashionably Fall

Do I need to remind you that FALL is my favorite time of the year? No, I didn’t think so. And I will remind you again, I’m sure!     I’m seeing evidences that FALL is approaching even though the temps are not always in kind….     Just yesterday, I saw the cotton starting to pop to produce the South’s Snow.   So…..here’s to thinking about AUTUMN as it appears on the calendar! CHEERS!   (with Apple Cider Margarita- YUM –

You had me at HELLO!

It’s OFFICIAL!  Fall is now here and it’s no secret that…. I LOVE FALL, Y’all…… Enjoy some of my favorite sights, sounds, tastes and scents of Autumn, stirred with a little nostalgia. The path to more FALL memories….. More Autumn Leaves on my Pinterest board….. Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or email Cumby@CumbysInteriors.com Visit me on Pinterest!


It’s been snowing in the SOUTH! There’s a lot of beauty in the FALL DAYS around us each and every day.  Some days the colors get more and more intense with the turning of the leaves! It seems like it can happen overnight and there is a beautiful contrast to the beautiful colors of Fall…. One beautiful sight in our area is COTTON!  It’s a wonderful sight in the many fields of our rural community…..and a view that I look

Early Signs of Fall

FALL is my favorite time of the year – I love the cool and crisp temps, the dynamic colors of nature, the heart warming celebrations, fun with football season and great friends, and the gateway to the Holidays! It seems there are some early signs of Fall in my path these days…. It’s FALL Y’all! It’s time to change out my china for FALL – I do love my bird china and it is so appropriate for this time of

Start Your FALL To Do List

The days are getting just a little shorter, the temps are getting a little cooler, and the Holidays are literally around the corner!  It’s an invigorating time of year ~ With all of your FALL plantings in your gardens in and around your outdoor living and entertaining areas, you may want to consider another task – it’s the perfect time of the year! Update your Outdoor Furnishings……. It’s a great time to address outdoor cushions with new and vibrant colored fabrics 

NO Tricks, Just Treats!

How far do you go with Halloween decorating and parties at your house?  I am amazed at how much decorating is done for this popular “children’s candy opportunity” for Trick or Treats….or is it just for children any more?  Has the decorating migrated to more than Halloween and more into FALL decorating?  It’s a divided audience with people really INTO the decorating or with people where there is NO decorating at all…. Where do you “Fall” into this decorating category? 

UPDATE and Recreate!

Fall does signal to us that there’s a transition time in our lives that we need to “listen to” and “focus on” because once the official FALL arrives on the calendar, the colors start to change, our wardrobes transition, our mentality shifts and the Holidays aren’t far behind. It’s that time of the year…..ARE YOU READY? Sometimes we look at the BIG picture and get a little overwhelmed.  Could  this be YOU?  With a little guidance, you can see that