Inspiration to Reality

Inspiration to Reality

  When I sent out my September newsletter, Panache, there were several Fall pictures along the border to express my LOVE for the season….. This was one of those pictures, from my Pinterest board, Autumn Leaves.      from One of my client’s was immediately in touch and said, “I want that!”  So, I created our version of beautiful Fall arrangements for her front doors – not just one…..a pair. (You know, if you read my blog posts, that I

Entertaining with Spring!

Do you have a Spring/Summer event coming up and need a little help with some decorating ideas?    As I told my client…..I help with a lot of Christmas related decorating for events (including several of hers too) but it was fun to have a Spring themed event! Kind of like a breath of fresh air…..if you know what I mean?   It certainly is nice to have a beautiful interior, too!    Here are some pictures to enjoy the

Thinking Botanical

Thinking Botanical

Am I wishing for Spring?  And perhaps missing the beautiful blooms?      Probably.         Or could it be that it’s because of our weird weather this Winter and daffodils are popping up and impatience abounds?      And many other buds are popping out too, but I’m hoping they will not get damaged with cold temperatures that are sure to come. “The earth laughs in flowers.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson     Truthfully, I have always loved botanicals in

Petal Power

Petal Power

  Who loves beautiful blooms in their garden?   from Better Homes and Gardens     And how would you like to bring some of those floral favorites inside?    by GinaBrownArt     Why not bring your season of full blooms into your lifestyle…..  Enjoy a garden type feel that energizes a room!  Floral’s are quite popular in fabrics, furniture, artwork, accessories……   And sometimes they are so real, that bees are tempted  to get just  a little bit

Bringing the Coyote Home!

Recently, our ADN group (all interior designers) had a social outing, as is our schedule in June. We love to experience many adventures in the Metro ATLANTA area, with many of us scattered around the area too!   This year, it was a trip to GIBBS GARDENS in Canton/Ball Ground area! It was a WoW moment or two or three…. ok maybe a dozen!   Gateway to amazing beauty!    Welcome to Gibb’s Gardens   Hydrangeas   Brass sculptures all

The Orchid Whisperer

My friend, Peggy Herrman, is the orchid whisperer…..    Her business is Orchid Ladies and she has lots of the girls in her oasis of orchid heaven.  She has live and silk orchids with beautiful containers as well.  I’ve enjoyed learning more about her business and her precious “ladies” too, and have been in that oasis.  So today, I’m sharing her blog about Color.  She’s very smart about many things –  – and she’s a designer’s best friend! – – Check


How much curb appeal do you want your birdhouse to have in the garden? What’s your inspiration? There’s a lot of ideas from traditional to colorful townhome style   to rustic   to cluster homes and multi-family homes to the creative with a recycled- repurposed – reused purpose in mind and the possibilities are endless! For more unique garden homes, check out this blog post…. MORE good ideas here! Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or

Story Telling in the Garden

This time of year the Gardens are lush with many shades or green and beautiful blooms peeking out from many directions adding color and fragrances. From my mom’s backyard garden – she loves her yard ….. Gardens deserve special attention because they are so unique with each owner’s investment in character, sweat equity, and design.  From simple patio gardens to elaborate gardens that cover acres, it’s a matter of telling a story with the design…..much like your interiors, don’t you

A Celebration of Spring with the Camera

When my “long time” friend, Barbara Temple Lombardi, agreed to this interview and an opportunity presented itself to share her passion of photography with you, I was very excited.  I guess you could say that we’ve grown up together…in more ways than one! She and I met in the late 70’s, both young and full of energy, and we hit it off as fast friends and still keep in touch after all these years, even though there are some miles