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Porches are Life-Savers

Porches are Life-Savers

Porches are Life-Savers   Yes they are.   You know, I have used my porch for many entertaining opportunities – from Mother’s Day with hosting the family to Noah’s graduation party and hosting many friends.       It’s like having an extra room – but more of an open air aesthetic quality, so that makes it more accessible certain times of the year, but I also feel like I’m a part of nature too, with the humming birds dancing


It’s important to keep your front doors well maintained for a number of reasons…… Front doors/porches/front steps are judged at curbside first with first impressions and secondly when ringing the doorbell! Your guests and visitors will immediately be turned off with spider webs and unsightly appearances. The windows need to be clean and doors need to be well maintained, paint looking clean and fresh. IF you have sun exposure, you may have sun damage to the finish and it needs

Coming Home…..

I LOVE the name of this book… oozes with beautiful pictures that brings it home for me….too. COMING HOME has many different connotations but for me, Coming Home would be to bring your character alive in your dream home.  It could be large or small, it could be similar to the home you grew up in, or simply to include simple shares with some of those characteristics that make you feel like you are “coming home”. I don’t know about