Kitchen Design

A Kitchen Journey….

We first started talking about this Kitchen renovation in April, but really got serious during the Summer with plans on the calendar.  With my clients’ active schedule, and travel plans set, we needed to find the perfect place on the calendar. The project starts with a consultation (or several), and lots of  information sharing to get perspective of the project.  Sometimes, it’s just a few finishes, or replacement of a few pieces, but there are times that it’s much, much

Take Time

Take time if you are remodeling or building to make important decisions, with your project because “your project” is your home!  AND these are BIG steps that affect your investment, your time, and your lifestyle! It’s your chance to make these decisions with care, passion and knowledge…. decisions that will impact you and your family…  Partner with your interior designer, the knowledgeable and educated professional that you trust to help you through the process… hold your hand and lead you

A Day at THE WORKS – part 2

The WORKS has many vignettes of Kitchen cabinetry set up for your visualizing the different cabinet choices and finishes, backsplash ideas, great countertop options, and appliances that compliment each Kitchen plan.   I captured a few pictures for your “sneak peak” info! [slideshow]

Aren’t you just a little bit curious about the HEART?

As you can see, we had a spectacular event! My designing friend and co-host, Debbie Jacobs and I hosted a fabulous “seminar” called The Heart of the Home! from several key players, Lisa Connor with Hadco/Viking, Paul Shellem with Home Seal, Kiersten Dick with Inman Park Granite and Marble, Mary Ellen Badger with Kitchen 360, and Pam Duncan with Keller Williams Realty….. WE all learned a lot of about the HEART of the home from several key players, Lisa Connor

March Madness with a Kitchen Workshop in 3D

We learned a lot in the workshop about the FUNCTION of your kitchen and how it affects the DESIGN of your kitchen in so many ways…… and it’s ALL about YOU and your needs!  InsiDesign of Atlanta was a great location for our version of March Madness – Kitchen Workshop in 3D.  It was a winner for ALL who participated! Mary Ellen Badger of Kitchen 360 and Lisa Connor of Hadco really educated everyone on their kitchen plan, offered up