It’s Crystal Clear!

It’s Crystal Clear!

Crystals in chandeliers have made a major presence in our homes, again.   I’m very excited that more and more rooms are graced with these beautiful light fixtures, and sometimes, in unlikely locations of the home….   Have you noticed?     However, this is a pretty traditional location – The Foyer!   from       And not all crystal chandeliers are traditional….  Take a peek! from the 36th Avenue   Focal points and ambiance in Master Bathrooms….  

Crystorama: Light Up My Life!

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Bottle Works

Don’t you just love the bottle works that are available for accessorizing?   Whatever your style, there are choices…..   Whether you are casual, formal, traditional or contemporary, or somewhere in between, it’s at your finger tips!   AND COLORful ones too!   And why not repurpose for a striking light fixture or pendant lighting?             What a grand idea to use simple to be sophisticated…… Call Cumby for your design needs.  404 483 4174

Aspiring Design: An Intern’s Perspective on Design

Hi, my name is Crystal Dalton and I am in my junior year at the University of Georgia studying interior design. Originally, I am from Marietta, GA but in the past three years, I have found my home in Athens. I love the people, the places, and everything about the town itself! Through being here, I have also fallen in love with design. I feel that my eyes have truly been opened to a whole new world; I had no