Picture This

Picture This

We are in the digital age…… and it definitely has it’s advantages.  I’m sure you will agree, especially if you are in my age group and have seen this evolution of progress.  (I’m not admitting my age, but 25 years ago, our cell phones were installed in our cars and not a hand-held device! I have found that there is one problem with this era……the memories that are captured in photos and frames are starting to be a thing of


I don’t like GUILT trips, but I ♥ Gilt! According to Wikipedia, Gilt may be referred to as Gilding, the application of a thin layer of precious metal.  If you would like to know more, there is much more to learn there about this application…..  Just saying. It speaks for itself, and needs no text. and check out more Pinterest pins on the Gilt Trip board here! Call Cumby for your design needs! 404 483 4174 or email Visit me

Coming Home…..

I LOVE the name of this book… oozes with beautiful pictures that brings it home for me….too. COMING HOME has many different connotations but for me, Coming Home would be to bring your character alive in your dream home.  It could be large or small, it could be similar to the home you grew up in, or simply to include simple shares with some of those characteristics that make you feel like you are “coming home”. I don’t know about