The Tranquility in Water…..

The Tranquility in Water…..

Spending time in Nature is healing energy…..and the sound of water is certainly tranquility.   Have you thought of incorporating a water feature into your landscape? It certainly is very appealing and can be quite an addition, all year long! That’s something special, when your gardens around your porches or patios need a little “pick me up” in the cooler seasons, too. Why not decorate your “outdoor gathering spaces” too?   Of course, even in the South, we can have

Jump Right In!

Are you contemplating the idea of a personal pool for your outdoor Summer pleasure?   It’s a good time to think about your wants or desires and put it to work!   Dreams start somewhere…..   What are you thinking?   There are many trends out there from natural to exotic to unique!  Lap pools to endless pools…..     Landscaping, simple to ornate.  What’s your pleasure?   Jump right in, the water’s fine!     How about a flashback to your lake living days

Let’s Go To The Lake!

There’s just something about being near the water….. . . or jumping in the water . . Or gazing into nature’s mirror with your TOES tickling the sun drenched water…. . . Do you feel it too?   . The lake is calling my name.   . And relax a bit or have some great fun!  Or a little of both!   . . Let’s go to the Lake! .  And I love helping you with your lake living interiors

Gone Fishin’

Roughing it.  That’s putting it mildly.  I kinda think that the Holiday Inn is roughing it to be perfectly honest, but for Noah, we did a fishin’ weekend that I participated in this time! This past weekend David, Noah and I went to a lake house that was roughing it a bit….. no a whole lot, to be honest! David was laughing a bit at bedtime and said, “Honey, this is close to camping for you!”   My comment was,