The Glorious Colors of Fall

It’s that time of the year! FALL – or AUTUMN – where we kick in high gear with glorious color and fabulous plans!




I know, it’s barely October, and we are decorating for Halloween and making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends!


For those of us who plan on the calendar, it’s scary to think that it’s only less than 3 months to Christmas, and between now and then, there are a lot of plans, preparation, purchasing, designing, and much, much more that takes place!


And there are some of you that cringe at seeing Christmas already in the stores….. I understand, but it’s a reality……..this time of year there are so many fabulous decorating events all squished into just a couple of months!


I don’t know about you, but I try to decorate for FALL, HALLOWEEN and THANKSGIVING all at once with an addition or subtraction here and there. IF I didn’t, THANKSGIVING would be just a passing thought! AND I don’t do that HOLIDAY at my house on purpose – I simply don’t have the time to ramp it up for that event with all of my deadlines! Thankfully, I have other family members that just LOVE to take on that Holiday! WHEW!


Speaking of FALL COLORS…….
Why not take your AUTUMN inspirations to your interiors? LOVE on these extra special COLORS all the time!





( JUST A FOOTNOTE – this interior was just recently painted a rich warm GOLD and it’s amazing to see the change in this interior with the background of the “canvas” a different color! Don’t worry, we will take more professional photography as soon as the updating project is complete!!! I can not wait to share!!!)







So let’s think about your FALL events and decorating inspirations!


You can stay somewhat neutral……






or with major COLOR intensity!



I LOVE to use gourds and pumpkins of all sorts! Colorful and inexpensive (Trader Joe’s had a great selection, when I purchased mine!) Then you can add in other elements from your garden, your yard, your pantry, your produce and add interest with other FALL elements, too!


Check out a few ideas, here! IDEAS are limitless – find your inspiration!


BUT, if you need some help, check out my Pinterest Board, Autumn Leaves, here.






I LOVE the idea of using this old and aged plank and adding nature’s elements – even a large dough bowl would be a lovely addition! IN FACT, I have a very large antique BOWL for sale! Ask, if you are interested……


And If you are thinking about entertaining, you know my daughter has great ideas when it comes to events! Check out her most recent post….



These are some of my favorite COLORS……Hello Autumn. Hello October!





You may also LOVE the colors of Autumn as your color scheme in your home! Take a look at the Cumby’s Interiors portfolio for great inspirations in interiors. 



ALSO, please your taste buds and your tummy with some great FALL DELIGHTS! Yummy for your Tummy board has great recipes PLUS ON THE ROCKS has great ideas for your signature drink, like




Pumpkin Pie Martini


Need some help with your designing deadlines? or 404 483 4174, cell.

The Glorious Colors of Fall
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