The Tranquility in Water…..

Spending time in Nature is healing energy…..and the sound of water is certainly tranquility.


Have you thought of incorporating a water feature into your landscape?
It certainly is very appealing and can be quite an addition, all year long!
That’s something special, when your gardens around your porches or patios need
a little “pick me up” in the cooler seasons, too.
Why not decorate your “outdoor gathering spaces” too?


Of course, even in the South, we can have plummeting temperatures
that could easily cause a problem with water pipes, so beware!


I think it’s a beautiful and peaceful addition to any garden area….and maybe even a focal point!


David and Noah gave me a water feature, with urns, for Mother’s Day!
I have so enjoyed the addition to the landscaping and the sounds of the water just off the back porch!
It’s a “nature element” that I will enjoy all year round….
This looks so much like mine but mine sits out in the garden, without the platform!


You can certainly have fun with the personality and character of your water features too…..
We are now looking at clever ideas for our mountain house, and we have already picked out a great
location so that we can enjoy the sight and sound of water.
We have a few elements there that we can use to incorporate into our idea there….


Here’s some wonderful water features that got my attention!



from woohome





We just bought an over-sized tub like this (used to water livestock) to give Ramsey a bath!
How fun!  Can’t wait to share this inspiration with David!







And there are certainly more sophisticated and grand custom designs
that can add major pleasure to your gathering areas….



And then there is statuary……  just beautiful!  Inspirations galore…..

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The Tranquility in Water…..
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