Transition Home

An open door to simpler, accessible living for you or loved ones in your care. Now and later.

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What we do.

Transitional Design Consult — Thoughtful, Invisible Design with an eye toward future mobility and independence. Love it now for how it looks. Love it later for how it lives.


Transition Home offers a range of services, from packing boxes and placing furniture, to design consultation for your remodel or custom build. All with an eye toward long-term independence in your downsized home using Transitional or Universal Design strategies.

What is Transitional Design?

It’s a way of planning your home to allow transitions that will keep it accessible, even as mobility changes. From placement of a sink to doorway width to pull-out cabinetry, there are beautiful options that are also highly functional. Also called Universal Design, we like to think of it as Invisible Design, since all you know is that you love it!

To see examples of how beautiful and clever Transitional Design can be, check out Cumby’s Transition Home Pinterest Board.

What happens in a Transitional Design Consult?

You have two choices to help plan your home for maximum beauty and accessibility now…and down the road.

1. Custom Build Consult

If you’re planning to build a home, Transition Home staff can look at your home plans with an eye toward design that enables independence. Beauty and function with a sink that allows seated access. Accessible pull-out shelving. Wider doorways or strategic placement of doors for mobility. Choices you make now are a smart investment for future transitions.<

2. Renovation Consult

You’ll get great ideas for when you want to update your home for accessibility. It can be as simple as door handles and cabinet pulls, or structural design ideas for mobility.  It makes sense — and saves money — to do them now while renovating. Using everyday objects of beauty, we can show you how people of varying abilities can cook, entertain, garden, and do household chores and self-care that enable them to stay independent, now or later.

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